Designs for the “Sterling Hotel” in Houston

In 1926,  plans were unveiled for a massive forty-story hotel in Houston, TX for Ross S. Sterling,  founder of Humble Oil Company (which later became Exxon-Mobile).

The building was tentatively called the “Sterling Hotel.”  If it had been built, the building would have been “the largest hotel building in the South.”

While the building was never built, Ross Sterling went on to become Governor of Texas for two years from 1931-1933.

This design was  rendered by prominent Fort Worth Architect Wyatt C. Hedrick, who also happened to be Ross Sterling’s son-in-law.

Hedrick and hotel man T.B. Baker worked together closely (Hedrick also designed the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells and the Stephen F. Austin in Austin), and some information suggests that, if built, the Sterling would have been operated by the Baker Corporation.

Proposed design for the unbuilt "Sterling Hotel" in Houston, TX

Proposed design for the unbuilt “Sterling Hotel” in Houston, TX (c.1927)

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