Judy Garland’s Stay at The Baker

Judy Garland visited Mineral Wells in 1943 as part of a USO tour, entertaining the men in basic training at nearby Camp Wolters, which was the largest of four infantry replacement training centers in the US during WWII.

She stayed at the Baker Hotel in room 703, and made several appearances in town.  The photograph below shows her mailing a letter at the post office, just up the hill from the Baker Hotel.

In a story printed in the Mineral Wells Index in November 2009, local resident Betty Scott remembers the day that her husband, who worked in the maintenance department at the Baker Hotel, got to meet Judy Garland:

“Lawrence wanted to see her so the guys in the maintenance department said that the air conditioning in Miss Garland’s room had a problem and they sent Lawrence up to her room to take care of it. Miss Garland was in her room at the time, as the story goes. She was sitting at her vanity in her dressing gown. She let Lawrence in to work on the air conditioning and he got to see her in person. This was probably one of his greatest moments because he told everyone back then he got to see her in person and that she was very nice.”

Judy Garland mails a letter at the Mineral Wells Post Office (1943)

Judy Garland mails a letter at the Mineral Wells Post Office (1943)

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