Photos: The Interior of the Baker Hotel

Note: These stunning pictures of the interior as it exists today are the work of photographer Nadia Caffesse, as featured on a great blog about The Baker Hotel at RSVP Design Services.

Many of the luxury suites featured architectural details such as arched doorways and colorfully tiled bathrooms:


The three pictures below show the fireplace in the best room in the building: the 11th floor Baker Suite.  In addition to many stunning 1920s art deco design elements, the room features several interesting prohibition-era details such as a false cabinet wall for hiding liquor.




Here is the Baker Suite as it once was:


There were approximately 450 guest rooms in the Baker Hotel.  However, most of them are small by today’s standards.


It’s hard to believe that the rooms once looked like this:

Mineral Wells Texas Baker Hotel Guest Room Photograph 1930s

Here is what the Brazos Club Dining Room on the ground floor looks like today:


But the Dining Room once looked like this:


T.B. Baker spared no expense, even on the details.


While the spa facilities now look like something out of a chamber of horrors, they were a marvel of their time, back in the day:













I am not certain, but this is perhaps one of the sockets for the room key-controlled lights and fans. The feature was unusual for a hotel at the time.

Interior of Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas

The swimming pool was one of the first hotel pools in the US.  T.B. Baker originally planned to build the hotel in the spot that the pool now occupies.  However, after being inspired by a trip to a California hotel that had just installed a pool, he stopped construction in Mineral Wells and altered the plans.   Interestingly, it is one of the only pools with an entirely concrete base (you can walk underneath it), and the tunnel and facilities beneath it are still structurally sound.


Here’s what the pool looked like in its heyday:

Swimming Pool at Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells Texas


bh19 \bh20

Here is one of the terrace walkways outside of the Sky Room – the ballroom and dance floor on the 12th floor:


This is the Spanish terra cotta and iron stairway from the front desk in the lobby up to the mezzanine floor, where the lounges, parlors, library, and the hotel manager’s office were located. Notice the beautiful heavy wooden doors.


The front desk, with mail slots behind.


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5 thoughts on “Photos: The Interior of the Baker Hotel

  1. Amy Donahue says:

    Amazing photos. I snuck in here one time as a teenager and had a ghostly encounter…would love to see this hotel restored and give the ghosts some life again!

  2. Sharon Hilliard says:

    I remember the hotel when it was vibrant. Such a sad piece of history gone by!

  3. Sueanne Swinson Jones says:

    That one room looked just like Room 301 that we had for several years while my Dad played piano at the Brazos Club. So small. We sure had fun there.

  4. Rick Davis says:

    Great photos

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