A Poem for the Baker

The following poem and love letter to the Baker Hotel by W.S. Genaro originally appeared in the November 20, 1929 Grand Opening edition of the Mineral Wells Index

Special thanks to Sheri Glover for sending this my way!


Psychologists tell us our dreams will come true,
If we hold to a pattern and steadfastly do,
Those things that will tend towards making them real,
That is, catch the spirit—then act as we feel.

If you’ve tried this, you know that the theory is sound
And everywhere proof of its workings are found.
One wondrous example of which I might tell;
The Magnificent Mineral Wells Baker Hotel.

We pass through its portals—we’re awed—and we seem,
Not awake, but just having a wonderful dream!
O’er come by its splendor we’re under the spell
Of this dream house, the Mineral Wells Baker Hotel.

All the architect’s cunning and artisan’s skill,
Have been lavished upon it, and gaze where you will,
The picture is gorgeous and restful as well,
In the marvelous Mineral Wells Baker Hotel.

If we ponder a moment in truth we must find,
It was once but a picture in somebody’s mind;
Just a dream that’s come true—that worked out so well,
That its fruit is the Mineral Wells Baker Hotel.

All who visit our city for pleasure or health,
Are convinced that men of vision and wealth;
Have planned for their comfort and wonderfully well,
In building the Mineral Wells Baker Hotel.

We have reason for pride in our prospects today,
We who live in this haven of health, rest and play;
We believe in the future of Mineral Wells,
And are proud of the Baker and Crazy Hotels.



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