Video: Baker Preservation Society

A great video showing what the hotel looked like then and now.

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5 thoughts on “Video: Baker Preservation Society

  1. I’m just so pleased, that the smart people of Mineral Wells,
    voted to restore this great hotel. I love old buildings, and remember seeing it in the 1960’s.
    And I live in Dallas. And looking very forward to coming there, and staying atleast a day
    and night when this grand place is finished!!!!!!. Thanks again, for saving this great hotel.

  2. mike medlen says:

    good luck on this haunted beauty…..

  3. y’all need to get your dates correct on Uncle pete’s age in pictures and at time of death. Good grief.

    • In 1963, the same year that Earl Baker closed the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells for the first time, T.B.’s wife Mae died. She was eighty-seven. T.B. lived quietly for nine more years in a small bungalow in South San Antonio until he died there at age ninety-six. The very same year in 1972, the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells closed its doors for the very last time, and it has been vacant ever since.

      By Amy Oettle

      This is not what you say in the page of his pictures.

      • Amy says:

        Hi Terra. I’m just an enthusiast and not a historian. 🙂 Although I’ve kept my own proprietary timeline of dates based on my own research, it’s possible that some of them changed over time as I’ve learned more. Thanks for the tip on those that don’t match, and if you have any insider knowledge about the dates of certain photographs I’m all ears.

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