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A few years ago on my way home to Austin on Highway 281, I happened to pass by the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, although I know now that it was not by chance.   Somehow, the Grand Old Lady drew me in, and I discovered that she had many stories to tell.  The hotel is a remarkable Texas treasure, and one that connects with an incredible part of our collective history.

I have spent the past year researching the hotel and related stories, and I’m looking forward to sharing some of what I have found with you here.

If you have questions or would like more information, please leave a comment and include your email address in the box provided (your email address will not be published) and I would be happy to contact you directly.



7 thoughts on “Site Info

  1. William says:


    I have worked on the Baker Hotel as my MBA Thesis in 1980 and have some other historical info that may interest you.

  2. Gene Fowler says:

    Hi Amy, I am also fascinated by Mineral Wells and have visited the town and written about its history quite a bit. I have a little story in the Sept. 2013 issue of Texas Highways about the town and its Crazy Water. A couple years ago, I did a story for the Mineral Wells paper on the Crazy Water Crystals company’s sponsorship of music programming around the US and even in Canada. A friend in North Carolina is working on issuing a CD of hillbilly music programming sponsored by CWC in the southeast. I love the three Crazy Gang photos you posted — hadn’t seen ’em before — are they via the Portal to Texas History? Hoping the current crew of Bakerites attempting to restore the “grand old lady” will be successful — it certainly seems like they have a good shot.

  3. Amy,

    Please contact me, I would like to use some of your images for a publication.

  4. John brady says:

    Who are the ladies standing on the steps of the hotel?

  5. Chad Stebbins says:

    Amy, I am writing a history of the Connor Hotel in Joplin, Missouri, and was delighted to find your website. It provides a lot of information about T.B. Baker that I didn’t know. I will definitely site you as a source. You wrote that “In a short biography written about Baker in 1912, the author states that he is ‘sedulously devoted to his business’ and ‘is esteemed as one of the most enterprising, representative and estimable citizens of Jasper county.’ Could you give me the name and author of this work, and how you found it? Many thanks, Chad Stebbins

    • Amy says:

      Hi Chad, Sorry for the delayed reply! I just had a chance to find this in my research – it is a book written in 1912 called ““A History of Jasper County Missouri and it’s People” (Volume 2) By Joel Thomas Livingston. I have the whole excerpt about T.B. Baker that I can send you directly.

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